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The purpose of this site is to primarily  
give all Satanists a voice as one group,
even though we all are slightly different
in our ways and beliefs. There are many
Paths within the title Satanism. Yet we all
have the same basic message to pass on,
and hopes.

Also to give the truth about Satanism and
Satanists to anyone who desires to know
the facts instead of all the lies and myths
that have been told over the centuries to
scare people into not asking what the
truth is.

In time you will find information on other
Pagan Paths here as well. This site is
under construction. So thank you for
your patience.

Check back often for new material and
new content. Please be sure to see this
entire page to see how you can contibute
to the information on this site.
If you have something you would like to have posted on this website, we ask
that you submit it to our E-Mail address.  We will then post it on this site
after review.  We appreciate your interest and submissions.  The E-Mail
address can be found in the Contact Us section of this website.  We accept
text , pictures, audio,and video.

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