Some Pod Cast Files may
contain explicit language.
Welcome to our Pod Cast!
Episode #1: A little about the
Episode # 2: Reverend Jack
interviews another Satanist
Episode # 3: Homosexuality in
Wicca and Satanism and more
Episode # 4: Ghosts and Spirits
Episode # 5: Reverend Jack asks
George about his Wiccan Path
Episode #6: Reverend Jack
interviews Reverend Paul and High
Priestess Care of the Canadian
Satanic Union.
Episode #7: George and
Reverend Jack interview a Wiccan
Episode # 8: Paganism
and Role Playing Games
Episode # 9: Reverend Jack interviews
a fellow Satanist, Doktor Takashiro.
Episode #10: Solo pod cast where
George talks about his view on
deity and the afterlife
Episode #11: Pagan Intolerance
Towards Each Other’s Religion
Episode #12: A Wiccan and
a Satanist - Other Kin
Episode #13: A Wiccan and
a Satanist - Samhain
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Episode 15: We are alive
and things are changing!